One Last Dance - Blue Morris

From: Unlikely Rockstars

The doors are closed, the curtains are drawn,
Now the lights are turned on and the drunks have gone home
We spin 'round like fools 'till first light
They'll kick us out, we'll have to say good-night

And when that comes, tomorrow I fear
We're just two broken clowns with mugs full of beer
Now the band has stopped playing, never mind
Give me one last dance before I go.

It won't be long, you'll forget my name
‘Cause moonlight is magic and no one's to blame
And if you should ever see me here again
We'll nod to each other awkward from afar.

Tell me your name, don't give me your number
Don't buy me cigars or ever meet my mother
Just hold on to me while they call for the cops,
Give me one last dance,
One last kiss,
One last lovin' before I go.

Blue Morris Unlikey Rockstars album cover

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