Elza with Buffalo Jones at Studio Records

Elza poster Studio Records 2016

I'll be playing guitar with Elza at Studio Records in Vancouver again this July! The date is July 21st and this time we will be the headlining act.

I've been playing with Elza for about a year now and the band is getting really tight. All the music and lyrics are written by Elza. The band includes two guitars, cello, bass, drums, keys and of course Elza on vocals.

You can hear her music on Bandcamp. We will be playing all the songs from her "Glories" EP plus some new songs that have yet to be recorded.

The doors are at 8pm but I think we will be on around 9.30pm or 10ish. Hope to see you there!

Reviews from Opening Night

Opening night of Nightmare Before the Nutcracker was a great success. There were long line ups, a nearly full theatre, and the show was awesome. Here are what some people posted on the Facebook event page for the show:

"That was an amazing show last night! I'd see it again!"
- Keisha Rose Matthews

"Tears of laughter were in my eyes. Amazing show and can't wait to go back"
- Samuel Mitchell

"OMG that was incredible! Thanks!"
- Will Lauri Ahonen

"Outstanding show. I recommend to all."
- Bruno Michelon

"Great job to the entire cast, crew, and band! You put on a fantastic performance! I had a smile on my face the entire time & will be recommending this play to others as well! grin emoticon it was a lot of fun!"
- Alex McClelland

"Had such an enjoyable evening at this awesome 2 hour show! Great performances, the best comedy and that includes improv on the fly! If I had more time, I'd love to see this again."
- Hazel Urchuk

"Awesome performance so well done! bravo!!!!"
- Barbara Arnold

SHINE clip In Your Hand

Thanks for all the donations we've received for our SHINE IndieGoGo campaign so far! To celebrate, we'd like to share with you a lovely number from SHINE in Seattle 2010. It's called "In Your Hand."

In this number, a gender studies grad student named Grace (Gemma Isaac) asks burlesque queen Lulu Von Doozy (Adra Boo) for advice on how to dance.

I can't wait to play guitar on these songs.

Please consider kicking in a few bucks to support SHINE. If you don't have the dough right now please "like" and share the link to our SHINE IndieGoGo campaign.

SHINE: The Musical crowd funding campaign

We just launched our crowd funding campaign for SHINE: The Musical. I'm really excited to be Musical Director for this fantastic show. We need your help to make this happen. Please consider donating. If you can't afford to support financially right now, please consider sharing the IndieGoGo page on your social media.

It is impossible to get public funding for a theatre show that includes burlesque. That's why we need your help. We are asking you not only to "support local theatre." We are inviting you to be a part of something awesome and see a killer show at the end of it!

You can find our campaign here on the IndieGoGo website. Here's a video explaining more about the show and our campaign.


SHINE: A Burlesque Musical is an original show with songs by Cass King and John Woods of The Wet Spots, and script by Cass King and Sam Dulmage. It combines the bawdy comedy of burlesque with a full book musical. It's a smart, sexy night out for grown-ups. SHINE is the HBO of live musical theatre.

Critical Response

Here is what the critics have said about past productions of SHINE:

Time Out New York:

“Hands-down more goosebumps per minute than any other show... It’s ‘RENT’ for our generation... The music is Broadway calibre... If it doesn’t go on to a longer run, there is no God.”

Stage and Cinema:

"SHINE is simultaneously smart and sexy. The show expertly balances between sincerity and campy send-up, striking notes of nostalgia for vanishing venues while humorously highlighting the missteps that we make when trying to preserve the things we love."

Theatre Is Easy NYC:

“The show is brilliant: brilliant performances, amazingly classy dancing, badass vocal performances and all around stellar and crisp acting. Bottom Line: You do NOT want to miss SHINE: A Burlesque Musical" ('Can't Miss' recommendation)

The Vancouver Courier:

"Omigawd what rude fun… It has all the makings of a cult classic."