Solo from Blondie's "Call Me" for Guitar

Blondie's Call Me Solo for Guitar PDF

Being that we seem to play this song from time to time in our various shows, I decided to write out the cool synth solo from Blondie's song "Call Me," arranged for guitar.

It's a nice solo that's a little hard to replicate will on guitar unless you can get loads of sustain. Crank up the distortion, maybe click on your wah and leave it open to give you even more drive and sustain.

Watch for that one measure of 2/4, that will trip you up!

Download PDF

You can download the PDF with standard notation and tablature from here:

Solo from Blondie's "Call Me" for guitar PDF

I recently purchased Guitar Pro 6 and have been trying it out. I like it, mostly. I don't like that when you enter notes, the software doesn't automatically calcluate the value of rests remaining in the bar, unless you ask it to. That's quite different then Sibelius and Finale.

Gift Certificates for guitar lessons

Guitar lessons make for wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion. Think about it this way: you can give someone the gift of music--not just another object that will take up space in our homes, but something that can take up space in our hearts and minds.


How to give guitar lessons as a gift

There are two ways to give guitar lessons as a gift:

  1. If you know the person well and you know their weekly schedule, we can book times in advance. If the person's schedule does happen to change in between when the gift certificate is purchased and the lessons take place, then the student and I can discuss another time that can work for us both.

  2. If you don't know when the person might be available for lessons, you can also purchase a gift certificate with no lessons scheduled in advance so that the student can later contact me and arrange for a time. So long as the student is somewhat flexible with his or her schedule, then I'm sure we can find a time that will work for us.

Paying for Gift Certificates

Normally people pay for gift lessons either by e-mail money transfer or I can send you a PayPal invoice by e-mail which allows you to pay by credit card (you do not need to sign up for a PayPal account to pay using this service. All you need is a credit card).

Of course you can also pay by cheque if it is mailed to me, or by cash if we meet in person. Please note that I cannot offer refunds for unused gift certificates.

Contact me for more info

If you are considering buying a gift certificate for someone you know, please contact me.

Blue Morris

Open House at Blue Morris Guitar Lessons

Last night we had our first ever Open House Jam Night at the new Blue Morris Guitar Lessons studio in East Vancouver.

At the party we had musicians, students, dancers, and friends. The band and I were especially happy to get to play some songs with some of my students. Some nerves aside on their part, they rocked it! Big applauses all around.

I decided that we would run the night with a fun twist: On the wall we posted 100 song titles. Anyone at the party could pick a song and request the band play it. That person could either sing the song with us, or just have us play and sing it.

Blue Morris Guitar Lessons Open House Party

Moving to Main Street

Blue Morris Guitar Lessons Vancouver new studio

Blue Morris Guitar Lessons is moving to a bigger better space!

I have already spoken with most of you, but not everyone. It's official. I'm happy to announce that I am moving into a much bigger space starting November 1st.

I am moving my life and business to 336 East 1st Ave. It's a live-work loft in a building designed for artists, performers, and teachers like me.

The neighbourhood will soon be home to several art galleries, and in two years time, the new Emily Carr campus.

Best of all, we will have loads more space and permission to rock!

All lessons will continue here on Hemlock as normal until November 1st when we move to the new space.


Public transit: The new digs are very close to the Main Street SkyTrain Station, and I'm still just a short walk down the hill from Broadway, so it's easy to get to.

Drivers: There is much more parking in the new neighbourhood. There is free parking right in front along 1st avenue all hours of the day, and much more parking on the surrounding streets should 1st Ave be full up.



I am planning an open house party at the studio in early December. I will have my band play to entertain all of you. Invitation only, but open to all my friends, students, current and past.

Thank you all for your support and love of guitar!


Blue Morris Guitar Lessons Vancouver new location