Sonara the novel fourth draft complete

The fourth draft of my novel is complete. Thanks to the people who have read it so far. I've made several changes based on their suggestions, though I'm really pleased to say there were no radical changes suggested or required yet. I really haven't changed it much from the first draft. Just added a little colour here and there.

I figure that either means that my first draft was pretty good, or that the readers were biased. I'm willing to accept both possibilities.

Which brings me to the point... just like when writing music, it's wise to have someone read or listen to your work who is impartial. Of course your Mom is going to tell you it's great (she loved my album Unlikely Rockstars).

Also, it really does behoove you to get the opinion of someone who works in the business. They have a deeper idea of what's good or what's just "good for you." Also, they might have some connections.

So now I'm looking for people who work in the book business. I used to work in that business, but I've since burned all those bridges.

In case you've missed it, Sonara: The Future of Music is a novel about a generation of people who grew up never hearing music. Then one day a young woman discovers a secret musesum full of musical instruments. Here's the back cover copy that's supposed to entice you to want to read it.