Cover of Zombie with Elza

A few weeks ago I got to play guitar for a video by Elza. We had a film crew come to my Vancouver studio to film her cover of the Cranberries "Zombie." I'm playing acoustic guitar on the track. Elza wrote the arrangement. I'm pretty impressed with what this film crew did.

cover by Elza recorded live off the floor
Elza - vocals and arrangement
Iván Fernandez - drums
Blue Morris - guitar, Franki Lemon - cello,

Blue Morris Live - Love Love Love You

A new live video is up. We're playing another one of my original songs from the Unlikely Rockstars album. This is "Love Love Love You."

We recorded this at the Anza Club in East Vancouver.

You can buy the album from Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and others.

Sonara: The first draft complete

Sonara a novel by Blue Morris first draft

I have completed the first draft of my novel, Sonara: The Future of Music. It took me about ten weeks to write the 88 thousand words.

I'm going to take a short break from it before I start a second draft. But I thought I'd make this public now. I've only told a few people up until now.


In the future, music becomes so unfashionable that a whole generation grows up without ever hearing a song. Everything changes when a young woman discovers a secret museum full of musical instruments, a turntable, and a box of records.

Who is the mysterious man who saved all these instruments and why has he kept them hidden?

With murder, mystery, and adventure, Sonara is the story of a rock band of the future.

Kryptonite Live - Blue Morris at the Anza Club

A few weeks ago we rented out the Anza Club in Vancouver to do some rehearsing and to video a few songs. Here's the first of what I hope will be three or so.

Kryptonite is from the Unlikely Rockstars album. The lyrics are intended to capture how all of us feel at times -- totally unable to succeed at whatever it is we have to do that week.

If you like the song, please consider supporting us by buying the album, which you can do from Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and others.

In the video:

Blue Morris - vocals, guitar
Red Heartbreaker - vocals, guitar
Alex Kelley - vocals, bass
Franki Lemon - cello
Eric Rasmusson - drums

Thanks to Jeanette Wilkinson for helping us film this, and the Anza Club for having us film on a Sunday afternoon.

Tickets for Studio Records show

Tickets for Blue Morris guitar Unlikely Rockstars

Good old fashioned tickets are available for our show November 25th at Studio Records on Granville. You can also buy them on the Internet the usual way.

Advance tickets are only $10!

We will be playing a full set of music from the Unlikely Rockstars album. Joining me will be Red Heartbreaker on guitar and backing vocals, Alex Kelley on bass and vocals, Franki Lemon on cello, and Eric 'Skins' Rasmusson on the drums.

Tickets are available online from TicketWeb or at the door.

If you like you could even RSVP on the Facebook invite, which is nice because then we will know you are coming.