Review of Nightmare Before the Nutcracker

Nightmare Before the Nutcracker Vancouver show

Vancouver Weekly posted a great reivew of our latest show. The show takes place again this coming Friday night (Dec 12th). As the review stated, "Had there been a block to line up around, it would have happened" so get your tickets in advance.

My favourite line from the review is this one: "It captures a similar tone of playful, childlike wonder that many Burton films employ. However, this one comes with perfectly blunt language, burlesque performances, and beer in the lobby."

Here are some more highlights from the review:

"If Tim Burton could be spiced up a bit, it would be with a little less Helena Bonham Carter and a few more tassels. The Nightmare Before the Nutcracker pulls this off pretty damn well, putting on a thoroughly entertaining show on Friday night."

"Clara was absolutely on point as the main character guiding us into the world. She’s adorable, naive, and wildly foul mouthed, delivering some of the sharpest lines in the show."

"As far as performances go, each one was a little unique. Sally [played by Voodoo Pixie], Clara’s friend and formerly inanimate doll, was mesmerizing with her two dance solos."

"The three jugglers, in character as Lock, Shock, and Barrel, were also thoroughly entertaining. Their talent was clear as they performed a wild routine with nine balls in the air, but what was equally impressive was how they pulled it off despite how chaotic it became."

"Lastly, the balancing act performed near the midway point of the show was incredible. The physical skill and flexibility it took to pull off those moves had the crowd locked."

You can read the whole review on the Vancouver Weekly website.

Teaching Guitar on the Via Mia show

A couple weeks ago I was invited to appear on the Via Mia show on Shaw Vancouver. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my guitar teaching philosophy and have some good laughs with Mia. Ringo also made his debut television appearance!

Wayne's World Live Casting call

Wayne's World Wayne and Garth

Blue Morris Productions is looking for two actors to play Wayne and Garth in an upcoming live performance show called Wayne's World Live, Sept 19th at the Rio Theatre.

We are looking for performers who can impersonate Wayne and Garth, who can conduct unscripted interviews on stage and make them funny, and who can serve as hosts for the show.

Essentially the show is the Waynes World cable access TV show, but live on stage, as a burlesque show.

If you are interested, please e-mail Vanity Feral at info-at- with "Wayne's World casting" in the subject line and tell us about your experience.

Party on!
Blue Morris

My first band

The first band I ever played in. That's me with the guitar and my cousin with the harmonica. A promising start. Unfortunately no recorded tracks were made. Probably for the best. The Beatles style mop top was pretty cool though. Also, that's a sweet 3-piece suit I'm sporting (not wearing the jacket in this particular shot)

Blue Morris' first band 1970s

Studio Jam Night 2014

We had another really fun jam night at the studio here on the weekend. It's wonderful to bring together students and professional musicians and have them all perform together. Not only that, but to do it in my home/studio, and fill it with cool people to watch--friends, family, dancers, musicians, students.

Here are a few photos from the night. Thanks to Tym Altman for the snaps!

I am hoping to do another night like this in November.

Guitar Trio at Blue Morris Guitar studio. Photo by Tym Altman

Blue Morris and Sam at the Guitar Jam 2014

Rock and Roll Burlesque Band at Blue's studio

Red Heartbreaker and Blue Morris hamming it up