No One Listens to Music Anymore

Music has been relegated to the background. It's like furniture or flowers -- music is mere decoration for a room. Few today sit and listen to music without talking, reading, walking (iPods), eating, watching TV, or ironing laundry. How much of the music do we miss when we're not paying attention? I would venture to say nearly all of it.

The effect that music has on us when we are paying attention is entirely different. It is so much stronger. When we pay attention, we develop a relationship to the music. We come to understand it. We feel it more.

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Live at Trees Sept '05

Blue Morris
Blue Morris
That was the best ever attended Trees Cafe gig we have played. There were so many people there that my friends said they had to "stand" in the "nosebleed section." And with all those people, there was absolutely no room for dancing. Sorry about that.

I have to say, everyone who came out that night was just fantastic. I've never played for such an enthusiastic audience before and it really made a difference in how we played. An audience's attitude really affects a musician's performance, especially when playing improvised music like jazz. An improvisation is a direct expression of what's going on in the musician's mind at that very moment. The music then feeds off the energy in the room.

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Labour Day Blues, Sept '05


What a fantastic night! Jim of the Pacific Blues Cooperative asked us to "play with ass." Nick and Greg played like they haven't had sex in 10 years. Boy did they sound hungry! Carly was perfect that night. She has such a great voice for the blues. And Alex Kelley is great to work with. He feeds me so many ideas I can incorporate into my rhythm playing.

Below are the free MP3 samples, as promised.

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Live at The Ridge

Carly Jepsen at Trees Cafe
Carly Jepsen at Trees Cafe

Despite the name, the Blue Morris 6 has seven members, though we frequently play with just six, and recently played as a quintet at the Ridge Coffee Roasting Company in Maple Ridge. This causes some confusion for our audiences, but it gives us a good chuckle.

No matter, the band played wonderfully that night and I have a few choice cuts posted below which you can download for free.

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Live at the Lamp! Free MP3s

The dirty thirties are back! Last Thursday night we played BC Book and Magazine Week's Pre-launch party. This dirty-thirties themed party was held at the Lamplighter in Gastown. The club was decorated with thirties style decor and even had old newspapers on the tables.

We recorded the performance and below I've posted free MP3s you can download.

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