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Swing Danny Boy Video

Someone recently made me feel like playing music wasn't worth a damn, that it was somehow not worthy of pursuing in life. How could I let someone make me feel that way? I've always thought that music was a universal language. Perhaps I was wrong about that. Maybe some people just don't speak the language. I think they could if they opened their ears (their hearts). But some just refuse.

To me, music is a finer language than any other. It is often more abstract than English, but just when you don't expect it, music can describe feelings and ideas with more accuracy than any other language can, and with such power that it strikes our hearts.

But maybe they just said the things they did to hurt me. I may never know. But it's that kind of attitude that hinders creativity. And without creation, without contribution, the world would be a very dull place.

As a response, here is my cathartic performance of one of my favourite songs: Danny Boy.

This is perhaps one of the finest melodies ever written and it was written some 200 years ago, or there abouts. The song is called "Danny Boy" and this is my swing tribute to this traditional song from Ireland. I call it Swing Danny Boy. I hope you like it.

-- Blue

P.S. You can download a free MP3 of the audio from the video here:
Swing Danny Boy MP3 Link

Blues Improv No. 1 on YouTube

I borrowed a friend's video camera yesterday to experiment a little using Ubuntu Studio and YouTube. So I filmed myself playing a blues improvisation. Here it is.

S'Wonderful Video

As promised here's the video of the Blue Morris 6 Swing Band performing S'Wonderful at the Maple Ridge Jazz and Blues Festival 2006. The wind really picked up during Nick's solo! Of course, Nick doesn't really need that music in front of him.

You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To

Last year we had the pleasure to perform at the Maple Ridge Jazz & Blues Festival. A fan of ours brought her video camera and provided some footage for us. Here's a video clip of "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" which you can find on YouTube. More videos are coming...