Videos of Vancouver guitar teacher Blue Morris, his bands and students

Dirty Dancing Burlesque video

I'm so excited to release this video of our Dirty Dancing Burlesque show made by the incredible Redbud Films.

This video features highlights from the November 2011 Dirty Dancing Burlesque show in Vancouver. Produced by Blue Morris and featuring burlesque curated by April O'Peel.

Beatles Burlesque Video Part 1

The first of two Beatles Burlesque videos was just released online. Thanks to Redbud Films for shooting and editing the video!

The video is a medley of just some of the highlights from the Beatles Burlesque show in Vancouver, produced by Blue Morris. This video features Miss Kiss, Miss Via Rose, Miss Fitt, Melody Mangler. Vocals by Andrea Superstein, Jeff Bryant, Jacqueline Breakwell, Rebel Valentine.

Jigsaw Puzzle Blues - Ryan Marsall and Blue Morris

Here is another video with one of my talented students. This is Ryan Marsall performing "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues" by Fleetwood Mac, with me backing him up on the rhythm guitar part.

Pipeline - Blue Morris & student Will Pattyn

Here is a video of me and my guitar student, Will Pattyn, who is becoming an awesome guitar player in his own right. When I was a kid, my guitar teacher taught me this song. Now I am passing it on to the next generation, and I am so fortunate to have Will as my student!

The song is the Chantay's surf classic, "Pipeline," arranged by Blue Morris and my guitar student, Will Pattyn. It's an acoustic guitar arrangement with some changes from the original to complement the acoustic guitars and add a little flamenco style to the mix.