Videos of Vancouver guitar teacher Blue Morris, his bands and students

Gale Song Guitar Cover - Blue and Sam

My student, Sam, and I have been playing this song together for a while. We were practicing it for an upcoming open mic that Sam will be performing at so we thought we would video it to see how she sounds.

The song is "Gale Song" by the Lumineers.

I'll also post the guitar chords to this song if any of my students want to try it out. Here they are below. Click "Read More" to see all the chords and lyrics.

Gale Song -- The Lumineers


        F      C
It's a lonely road
        Am     C
For the tired man
             Am     G        C
And they can see it in your face
              F        C
And you'll be home in spring
     Am          C
I can wait till then
Am             G       F   C
I heard you're on the big train

Read more: Gale Song Guitar Cover - Blue and Sam

Rehearsal Video - Elvis' Baby What You Want Want Me to Do

Our new production, '68 The Show, is coming up soon so we've been rehearsing the "in the round" section of the show. This is a re-creation of the 1968 comeback TV special performed live on stage.

In this part of the TV show, the band played just as they sometimes did backstage: No drum kit, no bass, just a few guitars and a guitar case to hit with drum sticks. That's exactly what we're doing here in rehearsal.

The song is "Baby What You Want Me To Do." That's Eli Williams as Elvis, Blue Morris on guitar, Eric Rasmusson on the guitar case, Alex Kelley on guitar, and of course Ringo the dog!

Vocal rehearsal on tour with Dirty Dancing Burlesque

Vocal rehearsal on the long drive during our April 2014 Dirty Dancing Burlesque tour. Here we're singing "In the Still of the Night." Red Heartbreaker, Blue Morris, Alex "Homebass" Kelley, Eric "Skins" Rasmusson. That's Alex on the little guitar, the guitarlele as it's known.

Dirty Dancing Burlesque highlights video

Highlights from the Dirty Dancing Burlesque show at the Rio Theathre in Vancouver 2012. A Blue Morris Production. Video by Redbud Films.