Videos of Vancouver guitar teacher Blue Morris, his bands and students

Trouble In Mind guitar cover

Here's a new video with my student John Davis. Here we do our guitar cover of "Trouble In Mind" a classic slow blues from the 1920s. Recorded at my studio in East Van at Blue Morris Guitar Lessons.

Vocals and guitar - Blue Morris
Guitar - John Davis

"That's All Right Mama" from 68 The Show with Eli Williams

Here's a new video of our Elvis Comeback Special live show. From the "in the round" sit-down part of the show, it's "That's All Right Mama." We're doing the show again on May 23rd at the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody.

Featuring Eli Williams as Elvis Presley, with The Memphis Sound band. That's Alex Kelly and me on guitar, with Eric Rasmusson hitting the guitar case as they did in the 1968 TV show, and Mark Hoeppner rocking the tambo.

More information about the show is on our 68 The Show page.

Blue Orchid Cover with student Merlin Matthewson

Here's a new video from one of my young guitar students, Merlin Matthewson. We recorded a cover of the White Stripes' song, "Blue Orchid."

I'm hoping that many more of my students here at the studio will make videos. It's a great opporuntity for them to try out all they learn in these guitar lessons, and have a record of their progress too. It's also a new challenge learning to perform with the tape rolling, so to speak, with a microphone in your face, and perform.

Green Hornet Theme on Guitar

The guitar teacher in me just had to write out the tab so I can post it here as well. This song is quite a work out for both the left and right hands. Turn on some overdrive and add a little compression if you have it to give you more sustain through the opening bars.

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