Stomp It Off! Nov '05

About a year ago, I was at a dance at the Legion Auditorium run by Jungle Swing and I was picturing myself playing with the band. So, I started my own band! Last Saturday we played that very gig and the band absolutely swung their asses off!

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The Freedom and the Limitations

On the Challenges of Learning Jazz Guitar

On the piano, middle C is always the same white key near the middle of the keyboard. There's only one place to play that note on the piano. On the guitar, there are three or four different places to play any given note in the same octave. With only a split second to find that note during your solo, which middle-C do you choose?

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Live at Trees Cafe, Oct '05

ImageThis month at Trees we featured two original compositions by Blue Morris, "Blues for Carly" and "The Blonde On My Tail."

I spent months trying to persuade Carly to sing "Blues for Carly," which I wrote for her. You just have to hear it to understand her reluctance. It was well worth it! She sings it so well, now she's just going to have to sing it again! You can download it below. It's hilarious!

MP3s have been removed for archival purposes, sorry.

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