As a teacher...

"Blue Morris is an angel from guitar heaven."
-- Sparkle Plenty, Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society

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"I can’t thank you enough for how fantastic you have been as a teacher! I sing your praises to everyone." -- Kelly Turncliff

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"I really enjoyed that lesson - I am still buzzing." -- Peter Rea

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"These are the best guitar lessons ever." -- Richard Sztramko, student

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"What I believe sets Blue apart from instruction I have received in the past is his capacity to bring out the natural musician in his students. While Blue is an incredibly gifted musician, for myself the most beneficial skill he has introduced is the ability to 'feel' music.

"His focus is not just on teaching how to play the correct notes, but also on understanding how music functions on the whole.

"Under Blue's instruction, I have not only been able to learn specific songs, I have also built the foundation to develop my own sound and create my own music."

- Vincent Weber, student

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"Blue is an incredibly gifted musician and teacher.

"He blends the deep knowledge of a professional musician with the passion and patience of a memorable teacher. His willingness to let the student set the course for their own education really sets him above other instructors.

"His passion for music is contagious.

-- Ryan Marsall, student

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"You are an awesome teacher and I've truly enjoy being your student." -- Kelly Shin

"I REALLY enjoy the lessons. You are an amazing teacher. Thanks for everything!" -- Carlo Marra

"I have benefited greatly from your knowledge, expertise, and friendship. I can now happily strum away on my guitar with much thanks to you!"

-- Tony Ling, student

"Great session today, really enjoyed the learning process."

-- Mike Hurst

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"Blue is one of those unique teachers who inspires his students to do their best. He has taught me so much more than just how to play the guitar.

"After leaving class, even though my fingers hurt, I always wanted to keep playing. I now feel inspired and love playing guitar! After only 5 months, I feel like I can play anything.

"By believing in me, he has given me the confidence I needed. No one will ever be able to replace him!"

-- Jasmine Romkey, student

"Your positive energy is always wonderful. I'm excited for next lesson!

-- Vanessa, student

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As a performer...

"I love what you do." -- Michelle L'Amour, Miss Exotic World 2005

"Blue, caught the show--outrageously good, fun and funny. Heroic work on the green hornet." -- Tom Steele

"Hey Blue, Jen and I saw your show at The Rio tonight. Absolutely brilliant - we loved it! And a hell of a lot of fun. Definitely looking forward to the next one." -- Justin Robertson

"The best!!" -- April O'Peel, burlesque performer

"The best burlesque I've ever seen" -- David Yates, dance instructor

"'Tis a handsome and talented devil." -- Judith Stein, burlesque legend

"I couldn't have asked for a better group of musicians." -- Ron Boudreau, singer

"Your act at Tease-O-Rama was AMAZING! Enjoyed every moment of it!" -- Polly Wood, Burlesque performer

"Oh my god, brilliant!" -- Voodoo Pixie, burlesque performer

"My life is now so much brighter having watched this. Blue Morris = Effing talented (and jaw dropping!) is what I say!" -- Kt Couture, burlesque performer

"My favourite part of the night, Blue Morris and His Guitars...." -- The Vancouver Observer

"I had the pleasure of seeing you perform both in San Francisco and were amazing! Looking forward to what comes next." -- Lady Ginger, burlesque performer, Chicago

"Blue Morris, you rock my world whilst simultaneously rocking your guitar and awesomesauce." -- Velvet von Doff

"Thank you for an amazing performance at Bimbo's on Saturday! you had me and all the other ladies in the back of the room screaming like Beatles fans! Please come back soon!" -- Cookie Wolf, San Francisco

"You have no option except greatness. you ARE that good." -- Wendy Le Van, singer

"After seeing you perform on Friday, I realized that I have been playing guitar so very incorrectly! ;) Fantastic, must learn!" -- August Wiled, burlesque performer

"Bro... You kicked some serious ass at the Vogue VBF tonight! Incredible performance " -- Chris MacAlpine

Congratulations, Blue. Your enthusiasm for music and burlesque in Vancouver is infectious!" -- Daniel Chai, aka "Chai Tea," comedian

"You are very good at what you do, and a pleasure to work with!" -- Melissa Elton, vocalist

"Thanks so much again for lending your mad guitar skills to the recording. I can't believe how much it improved both songs! And it was a true pleasure to record you!" -- Kim Oxlund

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About Blue Morris Productions....

"The best burlesque show in Vancouver!" -- Cory Castlecourt

"This show was flawless." -- April O'Peel,

Beatles Burlesque: "It was a seriously AMAZING show!" -- Coco Cinders

"Awesome show! Loved every second." -- Rufflesilksin

Dirty Dancing Burlesque: "The BEST burlesque show I've seen all year." -- Maggie Pie, burlesque performer

"Dirty Dancing Burlesque was nothing short of incredible." -- Sparkle Plenty, burlesque performer

"Best show ever!" -- Calamity Kate, burlesque performer

"You guys were fantastic! Can't wait for you to come back!" -- Caroline Dick, Kamloops BC"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the show here in Prince George and hope to see you in the future. From the great dancers to the amazing live music, you were an incredible act to see." -- Michelle Sylvia Voyageur, Prince George BC

"You guys really outdid yourself with this one... loved it!!" -- Haley White

"Motown Burlesque tore my roof off!" --Claire Roberts

"That was so amazing, the whole night! ... I'm going to run out of adjectives." --Baron S. Cameron, Photographer

"One of the best burlesque shows I have seen. And the live band added so much." --Trudy Gee

"I would pay to see this show again and again" --Tijana Popovic

"Best burlesque show I have ever seen. The live music makes such a difference" --Alison Kowalchuk

"I would pay double the price to see this show. Worth way more than the cover" --Monika Lux

"What a great show!!! Music was fabulous, singers were was just a really great time." --Geri Guemos

"This show was burning up with awesome! The music was stand-alone epic, and add killer burlesque on top of that. Wow! You were all fabulous!" -- Vava Vunderbust, burlesque performer

"So. Much. Awesomeness." --Jenette Barry

"Nearly screamed myself hoarse at Motown Burlesque last night. Great show, amazing burlesque." --Jenette Barry

"Such a fantastic show!" --Celia Winters

"Was lucky to get to see this last year with a friend. It was her first burlesque show and it got her completely hooked ;) t'was an amazing show hope to see it again this year 'cause there were folks I felt guilty about not inviting out last time" -- Stephenie Hutchings

Beatles Burlesque: "Congratulations on a great show last night!" -- Nicky Ninedoors, Pandora and the Locksmiths

Pink Flamingo Burlesque: "Their shows are always astounding and astonishingly unique" -- Miss Rosie Van Doorn

"They are filled with energizing, electrifying music, huge amounts of talent, laughs, cleverness, love with a dollop of saucy fun." -- --Joanie Gyoza, Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society

"If I had to pick a band that would play the music wherever I went, it would probably be the Pink Flamingo Orchestra." -- Aging Rockstar Reviews

"Pink Flamingo Burlesque is raising the bar for burlesque in Vancouver" -- Crystal Precious, Sweet Soul Burlesque

"It's burlesque set to live music, which is super rad because you don't get to see that too often. Their show is just amazing.... It's a super fun show." --Teddy Smooth, CabaRadio, CITR

Blue Morris Swing Band: "The band was amazing. I hired Blue Morris and he brought along two wonderful musicians, including a spectacular singer. Everyone loved the swing music and it made the day so much more perfect than a DJ would have. I highly recommend him. -- Alice Clair

Blue your solos were tasty and you are always a great support and feature on the guitar! -- Andrew Huggard, Leonard and the Lab Rats

"Love the song [Blues for Carly]... I really like it.... One of the things I love most about jazz is the varied adaptations performers take with it." --Thom Allen, The Jazz Show (TPN)