Blue Morris photo by Greg McKinnon

Guitar lessons Vancouver!

Take guitar lessons in East Vancouver with Blue Morris in the Artech studios just off Main Street. More about Vancouver guitar lessons.

Who is Blue?

Blue Morris is a Vancouver musician, guitar teacher, and songwriter. His album of original songs, Unlikely Rockstars is available on iTunes, Spotify and many more.

Download sample recordings of the Blue Morris 6 Swing Band, Pink Flamingo Burlesque, and Blue Morris solo.

All these songs are also on the media player if you want to sample them before you download.

Blue Morris 6 Swing Band - "Swing Me, Blues Me"

Blue Morris 6 Swing Me Blues Me CDThe "Swing Me, Blues Me" CD featuring Carly Rae Jepsen of Canadian Idol fame is available from our online store, or from iTunes Canada. Below are three sample MP3s you can download for free. If you enjoy them, please consider buying the full album.

Pink Flamingo Burlesque

More information about Pink Flamingo Burlesque can be found on their website:

Leonard and the Lab Rats

Blue Morris